Testimonials From our Clients…

“…The Elite approach allows general contractors to fully take on their role of project manager with their subcontractors to improve occupational health & safety while reducing on-site accident risks.”

Éric Côté executive vice president, CEGQ


“At Synergy, health & safety is a high-priority element in our DNA. It was essential for us to obtain Elite Gold prequalification to show this commitment. We are proud to offer our business partners and site employees a level that meets their expectations. Collaborating with Elite Management was an enriching experience for our entire team.”

Isabelle CôtéPresident & General Manager Coffrages Synergy


“…Elite not only helps us prove our due diligence, but also to position ourselves advantageously to win important contracts that lead our subcontractors to evaluate themselves and improve continually, just like we do.”

Mario Trachy – HR Vice President, Safety & Environment– EBC Inc.


“Thank you for taking the time to coach us through this process.”

Patrick PicardRH/OHS advisor, Camille Blais et fils


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