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Contractors’ certification and management solution

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Our Mission

Support our clients in OHS management of their CONTRACTORS/SUBCONTRACTORS.

Key Advantages >>

Key Advantages >>

Key Advantages >>

Elite allows work providers/general contractors to connect with entrepreneurs/subcontractors to improve performance in the health, safety and environment of their maintenance, renovation and/or construction projects.

How We Stand Out

Elite Management SST Inc. stands out thanks to more than 20 years of occupational healthy and safety guidance and audit systems for some of the most high-performance companies in Quebec and elsewhere.

Our leading expertise, coupled with high-performance technology, gives you access to the simplest and most accessible solution available on the market. Indeed, Elite has simplified safety management, for you and your subcontractors, by classifying and ordering multiple common questions into 4 distinct steps in order to make the experience much simpler and increase your project management performance.

Elite Management SST

20 years of expertise in occupational health & safety
Continually improve OHS performance, for your subcontractors with our 4 levels of certification.
The simplest and most accessible solution no matter where you are on the planet.

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They Trust Us

More than 700
certifications granted

More than 500

Our Team

For more than 20 years, we have had the privilege of guiding our clients in taking charge of work accident prevention and since 2003 have created an auditing system for occupational health and safety management (including OHSAS 18001).


Client Testimonials…

“…Elite not only helped us prove our due diligence, but also to position ourselves advantageously to win important contracts that bring our subcontractors to evaluate themselves and continually improve, just like we do.”
Mario Trachy, HR Vice President,
Security & Environment – EBC Inc.
EBC inc.



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